Designing and developing e-commerce solutions for sectors highly reliant on supply chain transparency, accountability and efficiency for buyers.


Manage the business affairs of BOAPIN.com the multifaceted commodities trading platform that may improve product tracking and deliver a variety of tools and trading solutions to its fee based registered subscribers. The platform is targeting cross border trade expansion initially between Brazil and China where its online applications and competitive pricing solutions may be utilized in various forms in several key industries including: Agriculture, Fertilizers, Wines and Spirits, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Electronics, Equipment, and Apparel.


  • Attended and presented at the 8th Annual Rondônia Rural Show,  a technology and business fair for agribusiness from the state of Rondônia, Brazil.

  • Signed an MOU with Império Intelegência, logistics software firm based in São Paulo, to further develop software platform functionalities.

  • Launched BOAPIN,  an intelligent e-commerce trade  platform to facilitate trade expansion worldwide. 

  • Completed the spin-off of Hypersoft Ventures.

  • Issued audited financial statements and is preparing for an up listing to OTC QB or other platform.

  • Recognized as a '20 Most Promising AGTECH Solution Providers – 2019' by CIOReview.

  • Announced a partnership with FIERO, Federação das Indústrias do Estado de Rondônia, a leading trade organization in Brazil.

BOAPIN.com is a fee based multi-lingual, multifaceted commodities trading portal uniquely positioned to deliver competitive  B2B solutions to its subscribers for the import/export trade sector. It may feature and deploy cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data analytics, smart contracts, and blockchain solutions utilizing IBM's Hyperledger Blockchain "Backend as a Service (BaaS) Infrastructure. The BOAPIN platform aims to shorten trade cycles, increase trade efficiencies and increase global trade. Designed as an open architecture platform, BoaPin could build an ecosystem which digitizes the trade process, including product listing, search/match interface, market advertising, buyer/seller communications, product certification, logistics, trade, finance, taxation, payment solutions, sales and order management.

Powering Global Trade

Multi-lingual B2B cross border e-commerce platform for global trade expansion, helping companies connect, trade and facilitate transactions.